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What is Internet for All? 

Thanks to the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF), the Sioux City Public Library has been gifted with 1,900 internet-providing devices for the 2023 calendar year. Sioux City Residents may check out these devices using their Sioux City Public Library Card. 

Click Here to Download the Internet For All Flyer

Who can check out an Internet for All device? 

Residents of Sioux City (ages 18+) with a full-service Sioux City Public Library Card in good standing (less than $5 in fees on their account). 

How do I get an Internet for All device? 

  • Ensure your library card is up-to-date or sign-up for a Sioux City Public Library Card. Details can be found at  https://www.siouxcitylibrary.org/services/ under the heading “Get a Library Card”

  • Devices are currently available for checkout at the Aalfs Downtown Library and Morningside Branch Library.

  • Visit the Checkout desk and request a device with your Sioux City Public Library Card. 

  • Fill out the Internet for All Device Lending Agreement form. 

  • Congrats! You have checked out a free internet-enabled device! 

How long is checkout for these devices? 

All devices must be returned to the Library in December.

  • 2023 Calendar year for checkout of hotspots and 5G Routers* 

  • 3 months for laptops and tablets* 

  • *Internet connectivity on the devices ends on Dec. 29, 2023 and all devices must be returned.

How many Internet for All devices can I check out? 

Users may check 2 devices per each full-service library card:

1 hotspot OR router and 1 tablet OR laptop 

How much will an Internet for All device cost me? 

Devices and plans are 100% paid for through the 2023 year thanks to the Emergency Connectivity Fund. There is no cost to check out an Internet for All device.  Charges may apply if the devices damaged or not returned by the due date 

Do I need to already have an internet connection for these devices? 

No. All devices come with built-in cellular service, so no additional internet connection is required. 5G Routers, Hotspots, laptops and tablets are portable and usable wherever coverage is available. 5G routers require an electrical plug-in.  

How do I get started? 

Device Quick start guides can be found with the following links: 

5G routers: bit.ly/SCPL_5gRouters 

Hotspots: bit.ly/SCPL_Hotspot23 

Tablets with internet connectivity: bit.ly/SCPL_tablet23 

Laptops with internet connectivity: bit.ly/SCPL_laptop23 

My device is not working properly, who do I call? 

  • T-Mobile Technical Support can be reached at:  1-844-341-4834 

  • Additional support for tablets can be found at support.apple.com/ipad 

How do I return a device? 

Return a device at any Sioux City Public Library location during open hours. DO NOT put a device in the book drop as it may be damaged  return device inside to a staff member. 

Once I return a device, what happens to any files or information I left on it? 

Equipment is reset upon return and all data you have added is deleted.  

What happens at the end of the subscriptions service? 

All devices must be returned to the Sioux City Public Library by the end of the subscription term which is December 29, 2023. Connectivity on devices will end at this time.