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Bringing Siouxland Together Around One Great Book

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Welcome to One Book


As the new Reader Services Specialist for the Sioux City Public Library, I am excited to announce Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand as our 2015 title for One Book One Siouxland. Over the last decade, the One Book One Siouxland initiative has brought our community together to enjoy great books and quality programming. This year will be no exception!

The extraordinary life of Louis Zamperini makes for a gripping read, and his training at the Sioux City Army Air Base during World War II brings the story home for Siouxlanders.

In planning this year’s activities, I’ve been very fortunate to work with amazing people from all over our community. The support and feedback has been wonderful. Together, we’ve built fun and educational events to expand the reading experience. I’m confident you will agree. So grab a copy of the book and join us in exploring Unbroken.

Best Wishes,

Cate Sering

One Book One Siouxland

“Siouxland” is the geographic area where Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota meet. The planning committee named the tri-state area’s reading program “One Book One Siouxland” to reflect the sense of a regional connectedness generated by this shared experience of reading and discussing the same book and the same universal human issues and values.

History of the Project

Community-wide reading programs began, essentially, in 1998 with an idea called, “If All of Seattle Read One Book.” Since then, similar programs have grown into an exciting and effective way to promote literacy and to foster community interactions. Today, numerous states and hundreds of cities have embraced the idea of bringing communities together through a shared reading experience.

The 2015 Planning Committee

Margot Chesebro, Volunteer

Linda Healy, Volunteer

Marty Knepper, Volunteer

Gary Lipshutz, Volunteer

Margaret Trysla, Volunteer

Marlene VanderWeil, Volunteer


Sioux City (Iowa) Public Library

Cate Sering, Reader Services Specialist

Donna Brooks, Communications Specialist

North Sioux City (South Dakota) Community Library

Deb Matthys, Director

South Sioux City (Nebraska) Public Library

Dave Mixdorf, Director

Dan Nieman, Assistant Director

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