Longtime librarian retires

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Librarian David Mook retires this month after 43 years of service at the Sioux City Public Library. He shared these memories:

• When all the branches closed down in the month of August, for staff vacations.
• Venturing into the "Pit" for government documents at the old Main Library.
• Chasing bats at the old Main Library.
• Having the glass floors replaced with plywood and carpet, after one of the glass panels broke, almost sending a patron one level down.
• Having fireplaces in the libraries (even if we did not use them).
• Being able to open windows.
• Migrating from the Library card catalog, to a catalog on microfiche, to the electronic catalog, to web-based databases.
• Instructing patrons in the mysterious ways of the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature.
• Fielding national and international calls during the Flight 232 crash!  "Does Sioux City have a hospital?".
• Telling children's stories on local TV - in costume.
• Answering literally thousands of local history and genealogy questions for patrons both from across the U.S. and internationally.
• Working in every branch library in the system since 1970.

Happy retirement, Dave! You will be missed!