Book Club Meets November 7th

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Book Club Meets November 7th

Join the conversation! The Library's open book club will discuss The Sisters of Sinai at 6:30 p.m. at the Morningside Branch Library, Monday evening, November 7. All are welcome.

In 1892, identical twins from Scotland made one of the most importantscriptural discoveries of modern times. Combing the library of St. Catherine's Monastery at Mount Sinai, they found a neglected palimpsest: one of the earliest known copies of the Gospels, a version in ancient Syriac, the language spoken by Jesus. This is the account of how two middle-aged ladies without university degrees uncovered and translated this text, bringing a treasure to world attention.

Their quest is partly a physical journey—when Westerners generally feared to tread in the region, the sisters traversed the Middle East.  It is also a journey of the mind—in an era when new discoveries in science and archaeology were rewriting the accepted understanding of the Bible's origins as well as those of humankind, a great contribution to knowledge was made by two whose only natural advantage was an astonishing gift for languages.