How Do I Get a Library Card?

A City of Sioux City resident may get a free Library card at any Sioux City Public Library location. If you are over the age of 18, identification is needed. To obtain a full service card, please bring a valid photo ID. If you do not have a photo ID or your photo ID does not include your current address, please bring a second form of identification with your address.

Examples of acceptable documents for address verification (other than a photo ID) are current utility or phone bills, vehicle registration, voter registration card, apartment lease, and official government documents.

Children under the age of 18 may get a Library card at their own or a parent’s request; the child must be present and be able to write his first name (with accommodation if handicapped/disabled).

Sioux City Public Library is funded through City property tax dollars.

If you are a student or employee at Briar Cliff University, Morningside College, Western Iowa Tech Community College, Unity Point Health (St Luke’s), Mercy Medical Center, Heelan High School, or Sioux City Public High Schools, and live outside the City limits or on campus you are eligible to check out items at the Sioux City Public Library through the Library Cooperative Borrowing Program. Bring your institution or school ID and a second form of identification with your home or current address to the Library.

If you live outside the City limits in Iowa and if your home library participates in the Iowa Open Access Program, you are eligible to check out materials at the Sioux City Public Library. For a list of participating libraries, visit the State Library’s website. Please bring valid ID with your name and current address and a current Library card from a participating library.

Non-residents may purchase a full service family card at the Sioux City household property tax support equivalent. Current options are $10.00 for one month, $25 per quarter, or $80.00 per year.

To expedite your time at the desk, you can print a library card application form and bring it to the Library with your identification.

For details, please see the Circulation Policy or phone the Circulation Desk at (712) 255-2933 extension 211.


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